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Limited Warranty on New, Used, and Rebuilt Parts

Rydemore Heavy Duty Truck Parts, Inc., (hereinafter, the “Company” grants the following limited warranty:

1. In case of core deposit: Cores must be returned within 30 days to receive full core refund. After 30 days, the company will not guaranty acceptance or refund. 

2. All retail engines are warranted during the warranty period against cracked blocks or heads, faulty cams, crankshafts, or excessive oil consumption. All engines must have new oil and oil filter upon installation, and must be properly maintained throughout the warranty period.

3. This warranty DOES NOT cover attached parts, items or accessories including, but not limited to, water pumps, injectors, injector pumps, distributors, throttle bodies, air flow meter, etc. 

4. Used engines are guaranteed for a period of 120 days from the date of purchase unless written authorization from the Company is given, no exceptions. In the event that the purchaser presents a claim for a loss covered by this warranty, the Company will replace or repair the engine or provide a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs), the election to be in the Company’s sole discretion. Labor for the removal or installation of the engine and incidental expenses are not covered hereunder. This Warranty specifically excludes head gaskets or overheating due to defective thermostats, water pumps, radiator hoses, or insufficient coolant. 5. 

5. Oil seals, gaskets, and hoses are NOT under warranty. These should be replaced at the customer’s expense before installation of the engine or transmission.

6. All warranty claims must be presented to an authorized agent of the Company prior to any attempts to repair the engine and within the 120 day warranty period. Any alteration or modification to the engine (exclusive of ordinary maintenance) will void this Warranty. 

7. Misuse, negligent installation or maintenance or maintenance that fails to conform to the maintenance manuals, alterations, accidents, damage caused by fire or other casualty, lack of proper lubrication or coolant and any repair or replacement not authorized by the Company shall void this Warranty.  

8. All electronic engines MUST be programmed to your vehicle prior to the first engine start.  

9. All engine accessory swaps (accessories may include anything bolted on engine) are normal. Some are minimal some are extensive, but swapping should be expected. 

10. Parts from the following part types that are retail and used are covered by a 30 Day Guarantee for swap/refund (our discretion): Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Alternator, Automatic Shift Controls, Axle Assy FR (4WD), Axle Housing (front), Axle Housing (rear), Camshaft, Connecting Rod, Crankshaft, Cylinder Block, ECM (HVAC), ECM (Brake & ABS), Starter Motor, TCM, Turbocharger / Supercharger. 

11. Parts from the following part types that are retail and used have the following guarantee (choice of swap/refund is our discretion): 

                    a. Axle Beam (Front): 30 Day Guarantee for swap/refund that axle will take kingpins 

                    b. Cylinder Head: 30 Day Guarantee for swap/refund that cylinder head is rebuildable 

                    c. Differential Assembly (Front, Rear & Rear, Rear): 90 Day Guarantee for swap/refund 

                    d. ECC and ECM: 30 Day Guarantee for swap/refund if not programmable (Documentation from dealer required) 

                    e. Fuel Pump (Injection): 15 Day Guarantee for swap/refund 

                    f. Transmission: 90 Day Guarantee for swap/refund 

12. Improper installation of any part will void any and all warranties 

13. Labor costs, towing charges, motor vehicle rentals are not covered under this Warranty.  

14. Any customer who purchases an engine, then sells the engine or vehicle the engine was installed in will release liability of any warranty expressed or implied by Rydemore. 

15. Any repair shop who purchases and installs an engine from Rydemore in their customers vehicle will be eligible for said warranty expressed at time of sale. In the rare chance a warranty claim must be filed, the repair shop will be solely responsible for completing the warranty card and working with the Rydemore Warranty Department throughout the warranty process 

Important: All mechanical components must be installed, maintained, and adjusted by a qualified technician who is approved by the Company in order for the warranties set out herein to apply. Failure to have purchased mechanical components installed, maintained and adjusted by a qualified technician shall void this warranty.  

This is the sole and exclusive warranty given by Rydemore Heavy Duty Truck Parts, inc., with respect to the equipment sold and is in lieu of any and all other warranties, express, implied or arising by operation of law to the greatest extent permissible, specifically including, but not limited to, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular use or purpose.  This Warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Any legal action commenced hereunder shall be commenced only in a state or federal court located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

Engine Core return policy

Any questions regarding returning your core give us a call at 978.342.1100

The Rydemore Core return policy is designed to expedite an efficient, prompt and cost-effective way of returning your cores for refunds.


Cores are expected to be returned with the same components that were mounted on the purchased engine unless authorized by Rydemore.

Following the instructions listed below will ensure your core refund is processed quickly and correctly.

1. Ensure all oil and other liquids are drained from the core
                     a. If core engine leaks any fluids during transport any clean up charges are the responsibility of the customer.

2. Ensure all components are returned with the engine core
                      a. Cylinder head and valve cover
                      b. Turbo charger and exhaust manifold
                      c. Fuel injectors, fuel injection pump and E.C.M
                      d. Oil pan, flywheel and flywheel housing
                      e. Starter and Alternator
                      f. Fan Hub
                      g. Air Compressor (If applicable)

3. Band or strap the core to the pallet then plastic wrap the engine. If shipping more than one core, place as many on one pallet as safely possible.

4. Call the Rydemore Truck Parts Shipping Department at 978.342.1100 or send an email to info@rydemore.com

5. Provide the invoice number from your purchase and your email to send the bill of lading to, also provide your hours of operation.

6. Do not ship your cores with any common carrier not designated by Rydemore or on a Bill of Lading not provided by Rydemore. The Shipping Department will provide you with a Bill of Lading and Schedule the pickup.
                     a. If core engine is not ready for pickup when scheduled, the customer is responsible for any additional charges this causes